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Radiograph Digitization
and Film Prints

Our latest offering is designed for the NDT (Non  Destructive Testing) community. Now, radiographs (x-ray film) can be scanned and returned to the customer as a high quality digital file. And while we're at it, we can  deliver film copies of the image at reasonable prices.



Sept 2016


Digitization of radiographic film 
(max size of original 20” x 14”)


Less than 5 originals  $40/ea

5-15 originals   $35/ea

15-30 originals   $30/ea

30-50 originals   $25/ea

over 50 originals   $20/ea

(if all the originals are identical dimensions, a discount of 20% applies to the entire digitization fee)

All fees include custom digital imaging/enhancement for each image. (but we are careful not to change or distort the information present in the radiographic image)


Digital files supplied in either pdf or jpeg format.


Film copies:

Up to 10 films with different originals

         $13/ea (8.5x11”)

         $14/ea (17x11”)

         $16/ea (13x19”)

10 or more films with different originals

         $12/ea (8.5x11”)

         $13/ea (17x11”)

         $15/ea (13x19”)

Up to 10 films with same original

         $9/ea (8.5x11”)

         $10/ea (17x11”)

         $12/ea (13x19”)

10 or more films with same original

         $8/ea (8.5x11”)

         $9/ea (17x11”)

         $11/ea (13x19”)


Films must be digitized as per the digitization price list above, before copies can be made. Copies are output on 10pt clear acetate film, and may not be identical to the original. Image sizes may vary along with the colour and density of the blacks.


H.S.T. and delivery charges are extra.


Digital files are normally sent to the customer 7-10 working days from receipt of the film. Large orders may take longer. Rush jobs are available at an additional cost. Please contact us for an estimate.


The client can choose between PDF and jpeg as the preferred file format. The customer's film originals cannot be larger than 20" x 14".